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Jake Kastleman

Content Writer/Copywriter

Jake is a blogger and copywriter for his site Jakekastleman.com. This site is aimed toward audiences looking to improve their physical and mental health, with a special focus on mental illnesses of addiction and social anxiety.


Jake worked as Head Writer and Mentor with Utah Family Therapy. While at UFT, he wrote thought leadership articles on mental illness and addiction. He also mentored youth, counseled with parents and therapists, and hosted online email support for clientele.

As a Recruiting & Employee Retention Specialist at Peak Alarm Company, Jake was responsible for recruiting, training, and activities coordination. He composed weekly B2B emails, wrote dozens of job advertisements for 7 departments across 6 corporate offices, composed and presented research-based projects to executives, and founded and led an activities committee.

Jake currently publishes content and copy on his website https://www.jakekastleman.com. He offers advice and promotes products for improving mental health and nutrition.

Jake specializes in research-based, long-form content. He is versed in SEO principles, including the use of SEO-friendly structure, topic strategy, keyword and LSI keyword strategy, internal links, backlinks, hooks, image alt text, and more.

His topics of expertise include psychology, mental health, and nutrition.

In addition to writing experience, Jake has 2 years professional experience in face-to-face and phone sales. 

Jake holds a Bachelor's in Psychology/Behavioral Sciences from UVU. He wrote multiple college-level research papers, reports, and essays while attending, and he graduated in the top 15% of his class, Magna Cum Laude.


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Note: The Publisher for UFT wrote image captions and added them to the content I submitted. Some of these captions contain typos. 

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Note: The Publisher for UFT wrote image captions and added them to the content I submitted. Some of these captions contain typos. 

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Professional References & Recommendations

“Jacob was a joy to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines.” Cari Reid, Director of Human Resources

Previous Direct Supervisor/Manager

“Jake’s moral compass is uncompromising. He always does the right thing and tries his best in all his endeavors. He is intelligent and thoughtful, kind and personable, determined and dependable.”

- Caleb Crockett, Team Leader

Previous Direct Supervisor


Awards & Certifications

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